Week 6 - Blog 2 - 3/22/18

We are nearing in on finishing the first bike. We have attached the bracket and batteries and we are finishing the side paneling for it so it can stay secure. The throttle system is on and working. If not finished today, it will most likely be completed upon return after spring break.

Battery Bracket

Installed Throttle System

Blog Week 6 - 3/20/18

We now have both bikes and have begun construction of the first bike. We plan on finishing (or at least coming close) the first bike this week and starting the 2nd bike next week. We are using the metal bracket on bike two because it has skinnier bars and the brackets fit on this one and not bike one. Bike one will use a wooden platform instead.

Blog Week 5 - 3/12/18

John now has a truck that we will be using to transport the rest of the parts needed to begin building. We are waiting on an axle to be aligned so we can begin construction of the first bicycle. Currently, we are looking for the most ergonomic layout for all parts that we will be adding to the bike and even the parts that are already on it.

Blog Week 4 - 3/05/18

We were unable to begin our construction process due to a substitute being in place of our supervisor/facilitator. We will continue the project when he returns. We have preliminary parts ready for attachment, but we are waiting on a battery bracket and throttle to begin building. Hopefully we will begin building sometime next week if all of our parts are in.

Blog Week 3 - 2/26/18

We are currently waiting on our batteries to come in so we can start our assembly of the first bicycle. We are using Amazon Prime to get the parts shipped to us as fast as possible.
Image result for batteries 12v
Blog Week 2 - 2/22/18

Solidworks complete... Soon we will bring our bikes in and begin building.

Blog Week 1 - 2/13/18

Proposal -           We are performing three separate electric conversions on two pre-existing                                      bicycles and a motorcycle with a higher budget


Timeline -           Week 1- Plan all three bikes
                                      Week 2- Sergio Bike build
                                      Week 3/4 - Parts and planning for Parker Bike
                                      Week 5/6 - Parker Bike Build
                                      Week 7/8 - Plan and parts for John Bike
                                      Week 9,10,11 - John Bike build
                                      Week 12 - Review and present bikes

Budget -             Sergio Bike
                                      Donated Parts

                                      Parker Bike
                                      Donated bike
                                      Motor - Amazon or 601
                                      Batteries - 601
                                      Motor controller - Amazon
                                      Mounting - 601

                                      John Bike
                                      Everything from Everywhere